Could We Please Stop Stealing From Ourselves?

Raise your pinky finger if you have been guilty of giving people, more chances than you should have.

My pinky fingers and my pinky toes are raised!

You know what the problem is? Well, allow me to tell you about mine.

Turns out, I’ve grown up experiencing love and hate exist together. My baby brain, adapted to the idea that though I may hate certain people based on how they treat me or another, but that’s still no reason to not keep loving them.

I. KNOW. What were you thinking, Aiktaaaa?

I wasn’t.

I’m still super in favour of love. But, I no longer feel obliged to be in love.

You understand what I’m saying?

There are different types of love, and just because I love people, doesn’t mean I need to love them all in the same way or that I need to martyr myself, as if I were a spare blue bowl of fresh, hot fries.

We all know, there’s no such thing as a spare.

Wishing people the best in life and praying for their healing, without communicating with them, without constantly reaching out to comfort them, is also love.

You know what’s NOT love? An act that cares for someone else but pains you in the process.

That’s INJUSTICE to yourself.

That’s THEFT.


Love, as I’ve come to find, doesn’t replace. Love adds.

By giving love to another in a way that starves us at the same time, do we increase love in the world, or do we merely replace it?

Question for your potatomind:

Where do you struggle in finding a balance between loving yourself and another? Or, is it easy for you?

Take crunchy care.

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