Do Your Mornings Begin With a Grrrrrunt?

Today, let’s talk about how you feel about one of the important segments of your life — your work. Do you often find yourself saying, ‘I can’t do this anymore’, ‘I want to get out of here’, ‘I hate this job’?

Nuh-nuh, don’t you try to escape!

You open the door to your thoughts only to slam it harder every morning. But like the Thor’s hammer, these stubborn thoughts keep coming back to you.

Potatoes, it’s clearly not working, hence stop wishing them away. Hold yourself, look at the ducking thoughts in their eyes and begin to listen the quack they’ve got to say.

If your work has a bigger significance and you will not regret about your career choices, EVER, then perhaps it’s time for you to put better intentions in your work and groove your grunts away.

BUT if you feel that your regret and your whining, would only increase if you work the same way for another five grumpy years, then you’ve got some decisions to make.

I know, you want to see things through. Like an apple falls only downwards to the ground, you want to be sure that every choice you make would lead straight to your goals. But you’re not an apple. You’re a Potato. Make the dang choices that would enhance your flavour, love. Take some control and toss away the rest in your neighbour’s garden.

Here, let me make it more simple for you to choose:

Would you prefer to continue blabbering to your neighbours and friends and colleagues and pets and Uber drivers and fellow passengers, about how you wish you could do something else; how if not for your parents, your wedding, your ex, your ex’s wedding, your children, the astrologer, the prime minister, you’d have led the life you’d wanted all along?

OR, would you rather begin to design a little trampoline to fall back on, take the frocking jump, and live knowing that if every thing goes against you, you would still get to earn the life with no regrets?

When you do get to have massive springs under your feet, don’t take your first steps worrying about the balance. First, enjoy the jump. You’ll work out the balance in time.

And don’t you forget, your mornings deserve better than to receive grunting ovations from you.

What are you choosing today?

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