How I Self-partner When I Feel Emotionally Down

What happened, Aikta; what’s bothering you? I can sense something’s up — talk to me.

This one morning, while doing some dishes, I sensed a shift in my energy, a subtle unease. I had watched a video review about a recent movie release. But I couldn’t pin-point the cause for an unease that I felt afterwards.

So as not to keep an energy in my body that could be unfavourable to my well-being, I decided to ASK MYSELF.⠀

The talk went like this:

“What happened, Aikta; what’s bothering you? I can sense something’s up — talk to me.”

I let the question hang in the air for a while, to allow space for an answer to come to me,⠀
“I think I feel anger… a little rage. I think — that video brought to surface, some of the feelings from the past.”

First step was done, of recognising what I felt. I, then, proceeded to address my feelings and gave myself a pep talk over the next minute,⠀
“That’s understandable… Things like this can bring up the unfulfilled desires of speaking up for yourself in the past. It has — haunted you for long, after all.⠀

“But we know better; you gave MORE than your best. You KNOW that.”

I paused a while, before continuing,
“I see you, Aikta, I see how you’ve risen above it, and how you strive to stay above. And you know what, I’m thankful, they did what they did. They have become living proofs of what you can make out of you, DESPITE all the cruelty they threw at you, girl.”

“Yeah — we do wish those things hadn’t happened. Those people managed to steal the beauty with which you’ve looked at life.⠀

“But do you see now, how they couldn’t keep that beauty from you, for long?⠀

“How you refuse to give in, even if it means investing for years to reconstruct your way about life? I don’t know about them, girl, but I’m SUPER PROUD OF YOU! And, I LOVVVE you; did I tell that to you, today?”⠀

That was the talk; I allowed myself to settle with those feelings as feelings aren’t as quick to change as thoughts can.

Don’t we tend to underestimate the life we’ve lived, the strength we’ve gained?

Question for your potatomind:

What’s your go to way of addressing a discomfort that may arise in your body or mind, time to time?

Take crunchy care.

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