What Do You Do When You're Confused About Whether A Person Is Lying?

Is Someone Lying To You?

Do you feel confused about whether or not a person is lying?
Do you find yourself in a position where you feel severely conflicted, like you’re feeling something about a person but they’re claiming to be someone else?

People can drive you nuts.

Are they being true or are they lying?
Do they care or do they not?
Do they like me or do they not?
Do they love me or do they not?
Would they fulfill their promise or would they break it again?

And if you’re not aware, if you’re blindsided by your feelings towards them, then you could end up seeing only what they want you to see.

When someone puts mismatching words and actions on to your plate, it’s not your place to play a detective and find whether they’re being true or lying. You also DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE a side.

What’s that, Aikta? I don’t? But what do I dooo then? What’s the wayy of knowinggg??? I WANT AN ANSWER!!!

The answer is
— there’s NO WAY OF KNOWING!

There’s no way of knowing unless you trade your sanity for the chase of knowledge.

But there is a way and it absolutely is your place to decide whether you must:

  • hang on,
  • keep giving yourself over to them,
  • stay stuck in confusions until arrive the proofs of their true colors.

Your energy is valuable, and you’d rather spend it with something or someone who adds to it, than to indulge in somebody’s game of one truth and eleventy lies.

Got it? Good. Now go, and take that crunchy care, will you?

Question for your PotatoMind:

Have you ever been on a nowhere-land of confusion?
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