So you think you're not worthy.

So you think you’re not worthy. By the end of this post, you may have to rethink.

There are times, you think you have less value. You’re not as worthy. Maybe it’s because you’ve been foolish in the past. Maybe, you’ve embarrassed yourself. And you feel ashamed, which comes with the territory of feeling unworthy.

People do what people do. But let’s talk about what you would do.

Say you go to a shop. While stepping out you see there’s a Rs. 500 note on the doormat outside the shop, buried under footprints of the many people who walked over it.

What would you do?

Only if you could set aside the shame and pick up the Rs. 500 note, you’d be so thrilled!

Say, you don’t though. You walk away without picking it up. Now your head is stuck on that note that’s full of footprints. You beat yourself up for hesitating back there.

If only I could’ve let go of the shame.

After much to-and-fro of inner dialogue, you say to yourself, “Fuck this shit. I’m going back to get it.”

You turn around, walk back to the store, hoping no one would’ve noticed the note and it’d still be lying there for you to pick up.

You see it there! You can’t contain your thrill, but you’ve got to, or else people would know you’re secretly  happy!

You pick it up, fold it under your fist, avoid looking anyone in the eye and walk away. When no one’s looking at you, you take a sneak peek on the crumpled note, brush off the dirt with your fingers, wear a big smile like a winner and you go on your way, planning in your head — the story you’re going to tell everyone as soon as you get back home!

So what, if things didn’t work out for you?
So what, if people stepped over you?
So what, if you acted foolish in the past?

If a piece of currency doesn’t lose its value just because it’s lying on a doormat, crumpled and loaded with dirt, CAN YOU TRULY LOSE YOURS?

Nothing can take your value away from you. No matter who walked you over, how foolish you’ve been, how much you’ve embarrassed yourself in the past, you may have lost the connection but your worth is still intact.

Practise replacing the shame with compassion to reconnect with yourself, because you’re a winning story too.

Questions for your potatomind:
A. What is the one thing that makes you feel like you’re less?
B. How can you be compassionate to yourself about it?


Take crunchy care

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Kriti sharma

“Practise replacing the shame with compassion.” when you say this what exactly do you mean?? For ex: you know one of your weakness and you find it hard to do that.. but u know if you do it you will achieve success and happiness but at the same time you find it really hard to do it.. will letting go… Read more »

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